HUSKY’s Chunky wet dog food range is formulated for dogs who care only about one thing: MEAT. Each can contains delicious, honest-to-goodness meaty chunks, that will get any meat-loving dog’s paw print of approval!

  • Easy to digest
  • Protein for lean muscle mass
  • Healthy fats & minerals for a shiny coat

Mmm… Meaty Goodness in a Can!

Explore multiple meaty flavours from our homestyle range, chunky range, jelly range and gravy range or try our delectable mince and paté products! Available in 385g and 775g cans, they are perfect for multiple feeds or when you have more than one fur child that deserves the best life has to offer!


Scrumptious Single-Serving Pouches

Our convenient, easy-to-open pouches are available in three exciting, meaty flavours specially developed for small dogs (plus a wet puppy food option for the new fur child in your life). They are easy to digest, help maintain your dog’s ideal weight, and support less shedding AND fresh breath! Add to this our two SMOKEY JOE pouches – an extra-tasty treat when mixed into your dog’s regular dry dog food!


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